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Resident Wellness & Life

The University of Louisville Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine

Residency Program focuses on four main pillars for wellness:



Leadership development






  • Assigned faculty/resident mentor program

  • Resident mentors: Paired upper level residents to incoming interns

  • ASA Legislative Conference

  • ASA House of Delegates Representative for Kentucky

  • House Staff Council

  • Chief Resident position

  • Senior lectures

  • Grand rounds on Wellness, Resilience, and Fatigue

  • Quality Improvement Projects

  • Increasing career guided electives

  • increased resident complement should improve flexibility

  • ABA Personal Leave Policy

Physical fitness

Get healthy now initiatives

Regularly updated health incentives and initiatives. For example residents will receive monthly discounts on their health insurance if they participate in proposed healthy lifestyle changes



Gym discounts and resources for residents & employees


Appreciation & Recognition



  • Solicit feedback from patients and nurses

  • Celebration and recognition of life events (weddings, birth of children, etc)

  • Birthday Cards

Stress relief

  • AWARE app (from ACGME)

  • The Brave Enough Show Podcast

  • House Staff Council Hardship Grant

  • Uber Transportation Fund


  • Screening surveys at the beginning of CA-1 year

  • Ombudsman

  • UofL Counseling Service

  • Recommended private counselors

  • online Therapists available

House staff Council Hardship grant

The House Staff Council has established a hardship grant in order to assist residents in need. 


  • must be house staff member enrolled in graduate training program at UofL School of Medicine

  • the resident must be in good standing with the training program

  • must demonstrate significant financial need

  • all applications need to be submitted by deadline to Cheri Bingham (cheri.bingham@louisville)


Application Deadline

  • The application form, a 250 word personal statement, and Program Director form must be submitted to the House Staff Council no later than the date specified by the House Staff Council

  • Submission deadline to be determined. Forward all required documents electronically to Cheri Bingham ( in the GME Office

Selection Process

Historically, 6 awards of $500 have been awared annually. However the House Staff Council retains the rights to adjust the award amounts.


The purpose of this program is to ensure that all residents & fellows have a safe transportation option if they are too fatigued to return home safely. 


This service is provided free of charge to U of L residents/fellows and the funding is generously provided through Graduate Medical Education.

  • This service is meant to be used only when residents/fellows are too tired or don't feel safe to operate a vehicle.

  • Residents/fellows will be given a ride to their home as well as a ride back to their vehicle once they can drive safely.

  • There is no limit to how many rides can be taken, but please do not abuse the system.

  • This service is not to be used recreationally or for convenience, i.e. if your car is in the shop or you don't have a ride to work, or to any location other than your home at the end of a shift.

Please note that all resident & fellows have been emailed by Uber with sign-up information.  For questions & concerns, please contact Jennifer Hall in the GME Office at or (502) 852-7618. 

Resident Ombudsman Line

A resource for residents and fellows to address concerns confidentially.

Jennifer Hall is the Ombudsman for residents and fellows to address concerns confidentially regarding resident education, work environment and duty hours.


Please call 502-852-0387 anytime and leave a message. This is a devoted line and all calls will be kept confidential. Messages will be responded to within 48 to 72 hours.

Counseling services

The University of Louisville Campus Health Services Counseling Office offers short-term individual counseling, group counseling, and psychological assessment. Students seek support through counseling for a variety of reasons, including psychological, personal/social, academic, and/or career concerns.

Please visit the link below for more information:




intern welcome BBQ

Annually, the Chief Residents host a party for our new interns to introduce them to their new colleagues and welcome them to Louisville.


Diversity & Inclusion

Lake view during CA-1 retreat

ca-1 retreat

During July of their CA-1 year, the residents have all weekends off and take a summer weekend retreat with their class to bond and get to know one another. Often this involves a Lake House, but destination options are limitless. 

CA-1 Retreat 2022.PNG
Clifford Party 1 - Copy.PNG

chairman's pool party

Every summer our Chairman, Dr. Clifford, hosts a pool party at his house for the entire Anesthesiology department. Its a fun evening of food, drinks, and merriment. 

Group of residents at Fall Party

fall party

Another tradition of ours is the fall party for the whole Anesthesiology department hosted by our Chief CRNA, Ian Farah. It's a fun night filled with good food, rare bourbon collectibles, and good weather.