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interview day

Welcome to the University of Louisville. We are looking forward to meeting you and introducing you to our program. Congratulations on your interview invitation! Anesthesiology is a competitive residency and receiving an interview is an exciting accomplishment. 


interview day

There are three major components to your interview with us:

1. A pre-recorded informational video presented by Dr. Maggard 

    A link for this video will be sent to you the week prior to your interview. This video highlights all the details of the     program, institution, and the city of Louisville. Hopefully, this video answers a lot of your questions. You can              watch it at your convenience and can watch it with anyone who may be helping you make the decision of where       you are going to do your training. 

2. Resident Meet and Greet

    The resident meet and greet will be held via Zoom and is typically held the evening prior to your interview. A            link will be emailed to you the week prior to your interview. 

3. Interview Day

   Your interview day is relatively efficient and should only be about a 1.5 hour commitment for you. You will have          three separate 20 minute interviews (with a 10 min break between each one). You will either interview with three      faculty members or will interview with 2 faculty members plus a chief resident. 

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