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Graduation Honors 2022

During our graduation ceremonies each year, awards are given to outstanding residents and faculty members. See who won this year below!

Dr. David Douglas Award for Outstanding Obstetric Anesthesia Resident: Dr. Lady Ong Sio

Outstanding Regional & Acute Pain Resident: Dr. Clay Weller

Outstanding Chronic Pain Resident: Dr. Lady Ong Sio

Outstanding Critical Care Resident: Dr. Yasmin Sritipan

Outstanding Cardiothoracic Anesthesia Resident: Dr. Yasmin Sritipan & Dr. Keith Byrne

Outstanding Pediatric Resident Resident: Dr. Yasmin Sritipan

Dr. Benjamin Rigor Award for Overall Outstanding Resident: For the first time in program history, this year we had a tie! Congratulations to Dr. Bradford Marsili and Dr. Clay Weller!

The Aldrete Award

The Aldrete Award is resident voted and is awarded to to an attending showing the highest level of clinical and teaching excellence. Each of our main locations, University of Louisville Hospital and Jewish Hospital, have a faculty recipient.

Aldrete Award for ULH: Dr. Alex Bautista

Aldrete Award for Jewish Hospital: Dr. Dana Settles

Congratulations to all of our graduates and award recipients!

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