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Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.! Resident Delegate Dr. Cole Dabbs 05/24/2023

CA3 Dr. Cole Dabbs recently attended the @asa_hq Legislative Conference in Washington DC, thanks to the support from @kentucky_anesthesia. Thank you to our Kentucky senators and representatives for meeting with our delegation to discuss important issues. Dr. Dabbs said of his experience, “The legislative conference was an incredible experience. It provided a rare opportunity to meet members of the United States Congress in person in D.C. to discuss and influence both current and future legislation. I, along with hundreds of other physicians, were able to voice our concerns on essential healthcare topics including medicare reimbursement, surprise medical billing, safe VA care, naloxone access, loan pauses/repayment, and much more.” Dr. Dabbs, we are proud of you for advocating for our specialty! @leadermcconnell @drrandpaul @repandybarr @rephalrogers @repmcgarvey @repguthrie @repthomasmassie @congressmancomer #ASAWLC
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